SOCA MUSIC is an off-spring of Calypso, whose roots could itself be traced back to the days of slavery. The genre was invented in the late '70s by the Trinidad and Tobago music icon, the late Ras Short I, formerly Garfield "Lord Shorty" Blackman. Like Calypso, Soca also originates out of the Sunny Caribbean Twin Islands. Another deceased Calypsonian, the late Cecil Hume, more famously known as Maestro, is also credited for the development of Soca's early form. In the early 80's, among several others, who unfortunately cannot all be named here, "Blue Boy", who later became named as Super Blue, took the genre to new heights. He Himself being a Soca legend, Super Blue is credited with creating "The Flag Waving Phenomenon", which began in earnest in the early 90's, whereby, on an actual recording or during live performances, a Soca artiste instructs the audience to wave a flag, rag or any such items, to which they willingly respond. The phenomenon has since become synonymous with Soca music and with maximum audience participation, is an absolute "sight to behold".

The first major international Soca hit was "Hot!Hot!Hot!", which was originally recorded by Monseratt's Alphonsus Cassell, more well known as "Arrow", in the Soca World. American artist Buster Point Dexter re-recorded the song years later, at which time it became an international hit. Hot! Hot! Hot!, was since followed by "Who Let The Dogs Out", originally recorded by Trinidadian Soca Artiste Anslem Douglas and re-recorded by the Baha Men of the Bahamas. "Tempted to Touch", recorded by Barbadian "Rupee" also made it into the international charts.

The music continues to grow and as such, 2004 saw the biggest Soca Hit to date, in the form of the sexy single entitled "Turn Me On", re-recorded on the Atlantic Record Label by its original singer, Kevin Lyttle from the island of St. Vincent. "Turn Me On" simply burnt up the international charts, catapulting Kevin to the forefront of the Soca movement. Hip Hop Legend Doug E. Fresh, Grammy-winners, Sean Paul and Dancehall Star Beenie Man and Latin sensation Grammy winner Pit Bull have done collaborations with some of Soca’s top artist.

For many years, Soca has been the dominant musical force behind Caribbean styled Carnivals all over North America and Europe, including the September Labor Day celebrations, which draws an estimated audience of over 3 million to the Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn New York, each year. Through experimentation from the mid 90's onwards, by the new generation of Soca Artists like Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin among others and its continued exposure in all its different forms by Caribbean DJ's throughout North America and Europe, as well as through live performances in these regions by the artists themselves, the Soca Music genre has emerged as Mother Calypso's "Commercial Child".

Whether one has a preference for its slow, medium or fast tempo versions, Soca's Pulsating afro, indo and Caribbean rhythms, married to haunting melodies, hooks and chants, creates this distinctly unique sound that promises to take you body, mind, soul and spirit, on "A Musical Journey To Joy land".

Judging from the present trend, including Tempo & SOCA TV which is dedicated to Caribbean music, it may be safe to assume, that the world is now ready to embrace this "Steaming Hot Music from the sunny Caribbean Islands".




To be the presenters of the Premier Music Event for the 

Caribbean’s Soca Music genre.


To recognize and reward excellence and achievement in the Soca Music art form 

showcasing the extraordinary talents of 

Soca Music’s absolute best exponents, in an atmosphere of overwhelming glitz, 

glamour and excitement.

To further expose and market the Soca Music genre to mainstream audiences.